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My mission is to share wellness, self-care, spiritual development and life exploration tips with a soul conscious twist.


Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every moment with love, grace, and gratitude

By surrendering to the intuitive self, or “inner knowing”, one can connect further to their dharma, living life with more purpse, happiness, and peace.

To me, living a spiritually or intuitively guided life means committing to taking action on messages I receive from my guides in order to live a balanced, joy filled life. It is embracing the fact that although life has stress, responsibility, and unforeseen obstacles, being open to receiving and acting on guidance to move through it will help reclaim that balance. Sharing my wins and losses as a Spiritual Lifestylist is my way of helping people find new ways to live their best lives as well.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every moment with love, grace, and gratitude” Denis Waitley


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Think of wellness as an equalateral triangle. Our physical, emotional, and mental health are all equally important and connot be held up by only two sides.

Finding moments throughout the day to put ourselves first is the highest form of self care. This can be a skin care routine, morning sadhana or meditation practice, breath-work, or simply holding a firm boundary when needed.

What is the main way to continue to expand Wellness, Self-Care, and Spiritual development? To constantly learn and grow of course! I like to do this through exploration. To me, this means reading, traveling, events, and trying new things. If your mind is always open to new things, you will be in a constant state of exploration and education.

It is a known fact that learning new things, especially as we move through the years helps to keep our minds sharp. I believe that constantly exploring new ways of mind, body, and soul expansion maintains our health, keeps us active, and helps us to fulfill our dharma as we move through lifetimes. 

The Four Pillars



Hi, I'm Lindsay Lewis

I am an Akashic Records Reader, Sound Healer, and Spiritual Lifestylist here to share the tools and wisdom I have developed over my 15+ year career.

Spiritually Guided

My life purpose as a healer guides my days. It makes me happiest in life to know that I am enriching people’s lives in some way every day. Whether that’s through physical touch with massage, Energetic healing through an Akashic Records session or Podcast episode, my passion is to help others live their best lives.

Get to Know Me

When I’m not doing healing work, I can be found on the shores of Lake Michigan with my family searching for Petoskey Stones, enjoying my own mediation/barre/yoga practices, or enjoying a nice piece of chocolate. My favorite music is 90s alternative, my favorite smell is Palo Santo, I’m always available for a good hug, and I absolutely LOVE to laugh.


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