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These courses are designed to help your personal evolution as you journey down the path of your spiritual awakening and beyond. Whether it’s taking action on actionable messages from the Akashic Records, manifesting with the moon phases, or beyond. These courses are designed with you in mind.

Learn to read the Akashic Records

By the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge  necessary to feel comfortable connecting with your spirit guides, opening your records, receiving messages, and taking action on them.
Learning to connect with your spirit guides and access your very own Akashic Records is something anyone can do. Everyone receives messages throughout the day. The practice of receiving those messages and taking action on them through your Akashic Records and spirit guides is what will be taught in this course. This is self paced course gives you step by step instruction through video, guided meditation, journal prompts, and more. The course first helps you to connect with your spirit guides, then helps you to release any blocks that may be keeping you from receiving messages. You’ll learn the etiquette and rules to follow when entering the records, then the step by step process of entering your records. Everyone learns at a different pace, so this course is developed to learn on your own. It takes practice and dedication but speaking from experience, the ability to connect with your guides and enter your very own Akashic Records whenever you want is life changing.

Your Guided Life Purpose

Once you have mastered your own records and are ready to dive deeper into your practice, the Your Guided Life program is the perfect next step. This is where you do the tough work to truly unlock your soul’s purpose here on earth in this lifetime.



Unlock the secrets to your past, present and future. The answers are kept safe on your record in Akasha, I can deliver them.

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