Let's talk about crystal healing...💎


The question I am asked most often is, "How do crystals help you?"

To me, crystals can channel different energy frequencies into our bodies. This is something that can have a range of positive effects: from creating a profound sense of calm to connecting you to your ancestors or banishing negative energy. People can hold on to crystals while meditation, wear them on their bodies, please them around themselves or their home, etc.
For example, black tourmaline has profound protective energy. I have black tourmaline in every corner of my house and zen room to protect my space against negative or unwanted energy. I have bracelets and necklaces with black tourmaline that I wear often in large crowds of people to protect my energetic space as well.

I also offer a 1:1 crystal grid and sound bath healing service.

We begin by tuning in and talking about your goals, and what energy you are interested in healing or calling in. Then while you lay on my heated massage table I place crystals on and around your body, the play crystal singing bowls, chimes, and gongs to help activate the crystal energy. You’ll leave feeling more open and heart centered, along with any goals we spoke about on the beginning of the service. 60 minutes, $100
No gatekeeping here!

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