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Unlock the secrets to your past, present and future. The answers are kept safe on your record in Akasha, I can deliver them.


The Akashic Records are a thumbprint of every thought, memory, and experience your soul has had from it’s incarnation until this very moment.

They can offer insight into past lives, clarity for present situations, and direction of for future endeavors. A reading with me can help serve as guidance for your life by taking action on the powerful messages from my spirit guides via your very own Akashic Records

I like to think of the Akashic Records as “The Cloud” for your soul. The entirety of your soul’s existence is stored in one place, easily accessed with an opening prayer.

During a session with me, I first align our energy with a short invocation, or intention setting meditation.

My Spirit Guides, known to me as The Four Corners will enter your records, then use me as a conduit of information or messenger. I see imagery, hear their messages word for word, then pass all info along to you. We then decipher the messages together and answer all questions you may have inside an hour.


**Please keep in mind that these messages are for you and only you. They are exactly what you need to here in that moment, and no two readings are ever the same. All human beings have autonomy and are able to make decisions for themselves. Please keep this in mind when receiving the reading, and take all info in with a grain of salt. Know that although this is meant to be received by you, that it’s still important to implement the message as it works for your life. Do not make drastic life changes such as anything medically related withour first speaking to a licensed medical professional.


I am able to access your Akashic Records at any time (with your advanced permission only) giving you options for a reading.

I offer 60 minute sessions in person via zoom, exploring any questions you may have during that time. I am also able to give you a general reading and answer three questions via email.

Akashic Records Reading Via Zoom

Reading is 60 minutes.

Akashic Records Mini Session Via Email

Reading is completed and sent within 48 hours or otherwise specified.

No gatekeeping here!

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