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Notice that I use Wellness as opposed to the word health, which simply means the absence of disease. Wellness. I think of wellness as an equilateral triangle. Our physical, emotional, and mental health are all equally important and cannot be held up by only two sides. Taking care of your physical body health is equally as important as your spiritual emotional and mental health as well.

Wellness is the very first pillar in my four pillar method of spiritual living because it is supported by the other three pillars which are self care, spiritual development tools, and exploration.

For example, my morning routine includes meditation practice for my spiritual health, a walk with my dog for physical and mental health, and I top it off with a healthy breakfast to fuel my body with super foods that support my overall wellness and carry me through my day..I am on a lifelong quest for achieving my own homeostasis, or total body health. To me, this means mental, emotional, and physical health. The whole package.

I’m a big believer to listening to my body and following my intuition. If I’m feeling down and drained, how is that affecting my adrenals? If I’m experiencing heartburn, what is my gut telling me?

As a massage therapist with over 16 years of experience in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology, I’m fascinated with the way the body moves, heals itself, speaks to us, and more. Our physical health far beyond bathing suit season. Our body is our temple, our home. It is the vessel holding our minds, and emotional center.

While on my quest of achieving homeostasis, I like to share my own struggles as well as triumphs along the way. This could be an awesome smoothie ingredient combo I have stumbled upon, a guided meditation, benefits of a good night sleep, and more. We have so much to learn from others, and sometimes sharing what didn’t work for me personally and why is just as important as what did.

Remember to always use your own autonomy when acting on advice from others. I am not a licensed physician or clinician of any type (besides massage therapy). Consult a licensed health practitioner before trying new things, our bodies are all different which is a beautiful thing!


The idea of self-care has truly expanded over the years and I am here for it. Of course a nice mani/pedi or massage is a wonderful part of a self care routine, but so is a ritual bath under a full moon. Holding a firm boundary is self care. Attending a sound bath meditation or yoga class is self care. Simply taking a moment to put yourself first is self-care. 

There are so many ways we can weave self-care into our days without taking precious time to do so, and i’m here to share the amazing tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years with you. No gate-keeping here!

Spiritual Development Tools

Mantras, malas, and meditations, oh my! I use an arsenal of tools in continuing my spiritual development daily! 

Some days it’s playing the Muul mantra on repeat in my house, other’s its chanting Har as part of my prosperity practice. It can be breath work, Kundalini Yoga, crystal therapy, pendulums, tarot and oracle decks and so on. I lean on these tools in various ways throughout my day not only in my own practices, but with my massage and coaching clientele as well. 



What is the main way to continue to expand Health, Beauty, and Spiritual devlopment? To constantly learn and grow of course! I like to do this through exploration. To me, this means reading, traveling, events, and trying new things. If your mind is always open to new things, you will be in a constant state of exploration and education.

Exploring world of Ayurvedic practices, absorbing the energy in the vortexes of Sedona, expanding our understanding of shamanic practices through a monthly book club, and participating in various workshops I offer such as learning how to read your own Akashic Records are just the beginning. We have a lifetime of exploration and an entire world at our fingertips.

It is a known fact that learning new things, especially as we move through the years helps to keep our minds sharp. I believe that constantly exploring new ways of mind, body, and soul expansion maintains our health, keeps us active, and helps us to fulfill our dharma as we move through lifetimes. The more we absorb for the next life, the better off we will be, don’t you agree?

More ways to enhance your spiritual lifestyle:

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Receive guidance for your future with an Akashic Records Reading, or book an appointment to discuss your very own 4 Pillar Method for Spiritually inspired Living blueprint

Akashic Records Reading Via Zoom

Reading is 60 minutes.

Blueprint is sent within 5 business days of initial discussion unless otherwise noted.

**Please keep in mind that these messages are for you and only you. They are exactly what you need to here in that moment, and no two readings are ever the same. All human beings have autonomy and are able to make decisions for themselves. Please keep this in mind when receiving the reading, and take all info in with a grain of salt. Know that although this is meant to be received by you, that it’s still important to implement the message as it works for your life. Do not make drastic life changes such as anything medically related withour first speaking to a licensed medical professional.

No gatekeeping here!

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