Step out of the ordinary: how a few changes in your daily routine can change the world around you

New season, new you.

New seasons usher in new beginnings. Subtle changes in your routine can create a positive spin and outlook on life. The main message behind the Akashic Records reading I did for Autumn 2021 is that it’s time to create a new reality for ourselves. Step fully into our spiritual lives. Create rituals, sit in ceremony with ourselves, and dive deep in to our inner most knowing to find the person we truly are. Through mirror work, Ayurvedic upleveling of self-care through diet and bathtime rituals, etc., we are ushering in new beginnings both with the season, and ourselves.

Subtle changes, big difference.

So what does it mean to make subtle changes? Tweaking your daily routines can be easy to do. 

It can be as simple as limiting screen time after dinner for the entire family, in order to take the dog for an extra walk. Stepping away from the screen and moving your body helps to aid in digestion, which can help eliminate sluggish energy. The fresh air and movement can help ensure a better nights rest as well.

Speaking of rest, if you’re someone who needs “white noise” on when you sleep, consider playing a sound bath instead. Sound played at 432hz has been known to induce sleep. You can find playlist on Spotify, pandora, apple music, or any music streaming service. 

When it comes to your morning or evening routines, add in 20 minutes of meditation. Limiting the “wine-down” and adding in more “wind-down” is better for your liver, immune system, nervous system and more. Make a point to do every step of your skin care routine daily. This small act of self-care is not only good for your skin, but it’s like giving yourself a hug at least twice a day. While you’re masking, don’t forget to swipe some body oil over your elbows, knees, and cuticles. 

These changes are all small, and they are most likely ones you have heard of before, but here is the WHY… every small step you add in, supports your body systems as a whole. Like the song you learned as a child, not only is the hip bone connected to the thigh bone, but the nervous system (brain, nerves, sensory….) supports and controls the muscular system and circulatory system which keeps our blood pumping and muscles moving. It all acts as one big connected circuit of messages that allow us walk, talk, breathe, love, smile, laugh, hug, heal and more, all at the same time. 

Soothing the autonomic nervous system as you glide into sleep, supporting your epidermis (skin) which helps your body to breath and detoxify as you do a little extra skincare love, creating subtle changes to help your body usher in a new season, all make up the big difference. That big difference supports your mind, soul, and spirit as you start living your very best spiritual lifestyle. Your supporting your self while living your very best soul-concious life, and that is a very beautiful thing.


New seasons usher in new beginnings. subtle changes in your routine can create a positive spin and outlook on life.

Examples: limit screen time, expand family/friend/social time (the days get shorter, don’t be a hermit). Mask mandate: adding a little fun to your skin care routine. limit “wine-down” when you want to wind down. Break the silence: sounds for better sleep


One last thing...

While making subtle changes to your routines help to usher in the season, and create change in your life for the better, don’t forget to make small changes in life to help the world around you.

Get out and explore the world safely. Hike a new trail, volunteer for a non-profit that speaks to your heart. Take a weekend away with your partner and reconnect. Use the car-ride to talk, or laugh over your amazing car singing voices. Hold hands on the way to the coffee shop around the corner. Get dressed up and go dancing. Share a slice of pizza on the way back to your hotel. 

Try new things. Get out of  your comfort zone. You may find there is much more around you than you would have ever guessed. Autumn may be the new season that is upon us now, but you are embarking on a new season of life. A part of your spiritual journey, setting the course to achieveing your dreams.

No gatekeeping here!

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