Morning Meditations in Ceremony with Cacao

Morning Meditations with Cacao

"Enjoying ceremonial cacao can help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through transformational consciousness shifts."

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao is a powerful superfood that offers a boost of energy without the crash of modern stimulating beverages. It cuts through the mental clutter, heightening focus and concentration. This makes  self-expression, creativity and connection with yourself and others easier and more pleasurable.

Cacao ceremonies can take many different shapes from intention setting group meditations, to ecstatic dance, sitting in solo ceremony, and everything in between. Cacao is a natural heart opener. When sipped, our heart expands and our focus sharpens. 

“Enjoying ceremonial cacao can help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through transformational consciousness shifts.”-Ksenia Brief, Breakfast Criminals

 My first Cacao Ceremony was with Ksenia Brief of Breakfast Criminals, in a group setting as part of a course on expansive, and mindful social media practices she was teaching. Though online, we sat as a group of women, in ceremony, sharing the expansive properties of cacao, and listening to a vocal sound bath by Erin Eber. It was unlike any experience I had ever had. My heart opened to accept the energy of the amazing women in the group, and my mind went to the most amazing place while receiving Erin’s gorgeous voice frequency. We closed the ceremony by sharing our experiences, and a few tears as well.


Sitting in ceremony, connecting with spirit, and allowing yourself to truly open to the universe around you is a different form of wellness and self-care altogether. You are enriching your body with amazing superfoods, elevating the frequency at a cellular level, and holding space for yourself at the same time. 



How to meditate with Cacao:

When sitting in solo ceremony, you may light a candle or incense, grab a journal, a blanket, and a comfy pillow or meditation cushion. Start with some spirals, cat/cow pose, or whatever way you choose to warm up your body. When ready, come to easy pose (on your mat/pillow/cushion criss cross applesauce style) and take a few long, cleansing breaths in through your nose, then powerfully out your mouth.

Take a few small sips of Cacao (careful not to burn your tongue), taking time to savor the taste. Visualize the cacao entering your body, opening your heart, expanding your mind. Set the intentions for your meditation. What is it you’d like to work through? What questions do you wish to have answered? What goals are you setting for yourself? Feel free to write these intentions in your journal, or speak them aloud or silently to yourself, whichever feels most comfortable. Take a few more slow sips, then settle into your meditation, allowing whatever needs to flow through you.

Take however long you need, sipping slowly, allowing your mind to expand. Journal what comes through for you, and when you’re finished, offer gratitude to your guides and the universe for the guidance that came through. Honor yourself for taking the time for self-care. Close the meditation with a long Sat Nam if you choose.

Try doing this meditation with Cacao daily, in place of coffee and see how expansive and productive your days become!

No gatekeeping here!

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