November 20

 Intro to Spiritually Inspired Living

Do you find yourself looking to change or expand your way of living life but you don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have tried to incorporate meditation to your schedule, or have looked at crystals in a stores but find the abundance choices all too overwhelming for you?

This workshop will break down ways to approach living a spiritually inspired life in a simple, successful way.

To me, living a spiritually inspired life means committing to taking action on messages I receive from my guides in order to live a balanced, joy filled life. It is embracing the fact that although life has stress, responsibility, and unforeseen obstacles, being open to receiving and acting on guidance to move through it will help reclaim that balance.

My Four Pillar Method of Spiritual Living uses wellness, self care, spiritual development tools and exploration to help people develop their own spiritual lifestyles.

Are you new to your spiritual journey and looking for someone to help you navigate your way down the path? Join me for this workshop, November 20 at 1pm EST!


Pillar 1: Wellness
Pillar 2: Self-Care
Pillar 3: Spiritual Development Tools
Pillar 4: Exploration

Akashic Records Reading Via Zoom or in Person:

Unlock the secrets to your past, present and future. The answers are kept safe on your record in Akasha, I can deliver them.

During a session with me, I first align our energy with a short invocation, or intention setting meditation.

My Spirit Guides, known to me as The Four Corners will enter your records, then use me as a conduit of information or messenger. I see imagery, hear their messages word for word, then pass all info along to you. We then decipher the messages together and answer all questions you may have inside an hour. $100

***Readings are available Tuesday/Thursday 10am-6pm EST, Sunday 10-4.


In person Sound Bath with Crystal Healing Grid

Are you in need of some major relaxation and/or healing? This hour long immersion starts with a consultation to discuss your goals. If appropriate, you will be guided in a short Kundalini yoga and breath work meditation (all abilities). I will create a personalized crystal grid by placing crystals on and around your (clothed) body while you lay on a heated massage table. As the crystals realign your energy, I’ll play a sound bath to activate your chakras and enhance your relaxation.

Your session will leave you feeling a deep sensation of relaxation, and, hopefully, healing. $100

***All sessions take pladce in my home studio in Charlevoix, MI. Sessions are not available by zoom.

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