Lindsay Lewis

I am an Akashic Records Reader, Podcast host, and THE Spiritual Lifestylist. Using my Four Pillar Method of Spiritual Living, I help women who are new to their spiritual journey develop a way of living that helps them to achieve their life goals.

I am an Akashic Records Reader, Podcast host, and Spiritual Lifestylist living in Northern Michigan with my 11 year old son Iver, 3 year old fur daughter Nellie, and Fiance Dan. My life purpose as a healer guides my days. It makes me happiest in life to know that I am enriching people’s lives in some way every day. Whether that’s through physical touch with massage, Energetic healing through an Akashic Records session or Podcast episode, my passion is to help others live their best lives.

During an incredibly stressful time in my life about five years ago, I started searching for something to ease my life back into balance. I had heard about Transcendental Mediation (TM) before and after more research I found a local TM teacher, and began working with her. It was during my 20 minute twice daily TM sessions that I began receiving messages from my spirit guides. These messages were both actionable and enlightening.

Taking action on one of the messages from my guides, I found out about the Akashic Records by searching for a “spiritual podcast” while on a walk. A woman named Ashley Woods was talking about her journey with the Akashic Records as a guest on Woke and Wired podcast by Ksenia Brief.

Hearing about the Akashic Records brought the most unexplainable feeling of “home” I have ever felt. As if my spirit guides were on the sidelines of my life cheering as I realized that this was my calling in life. I began consuming everything I could about the Akashic Records. From listening to podcasts like The Line from Ashley Wood, to watching You Tube Videos, and finding the Pathway Prayer from Linda Howe.

The more I learned, the more I felt like I already knew everything about the records. I have always believed in re-incarnation, but knowing now that our souls experience hundreds of lifetimes or more, bringing information stored on our very own Akashic Record through each human experience made so much sense to me. Knowing some of my most deep relationships in this life are ones I have had before brings everything full circle. Realizing my healing gifts are actually my purpose this time around and using those same gifts to close some of my very own painful cycles has ignited my passion for helping people all over again.

I learned how to enter my own records, and while sheltering in place during March 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 virus, I began reading for others.

My connection with my Spirit Guides, who like to be referred to as The Four Corners is so deep and special to me. Their energy reminds me of the Fab 5 from Queer Eye. I know they are always in support of everything I do. They offer great guidance through actionable messages, such as bringing my massage practice home, eating intuitively, working through energy blocks, and more.

If you find yourself inspired to book a reading with me, I strongly encourage you to do so. In just one hour with me, you can have so much answered for you. From past life healing, messages on future endeavors, and clarity about current situations, I am here to help guide you as you live your best life as well.

When I’m not doing healing work, I can be found on the shores of Lake Michigan with my family searching for Petoskey Stones, enjoying my own meditation/barre/yoga practices, or enjoying a nice piece of chocolate. My favorite music is 90s alternative, my favorite smell is Palo Santo, I’m always available for a good hug, and I absolutely LOVE to laugh.


I am on a lifelong quest for achieving my own homeostasis, or total body health. To me, this means mental, emotional, and physical health. The whole package.

Think of health as an equilateral triangle. Our physical, emotional, and mental health are all equally important and can not be held up by only two sides.

I’m a big believer to listening to my body and following my intuition. If I’m feeling down and drained, how is that affecting my adrenals? If I’m experiencing heartburn, what is my gut telling me?

As a massage therapist with over 16 years of experience in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology, I’m fascinated with the way the body moves, heals itself, speaks to us, and more. Our physical health far beyond bathing suit season. Our body is our temple, our home. It is the vessel holding our minds, and emotional center.

While on my quest of achieving homeostasis, I like to share my own struggles as well as triumphs along the way. This could be an awesome smoothie ingredient combo I have stumbled upon, a guided meditation, benefits of a good night sleep, and more. We have so much to learn from others, and sometimes sharing what didn’t work for me personally and why is just as important as what did.

Remember to always use your own autonomy when acting on advice from others. I am not a licensed physician or clinician of any type (besides massage therapy). Consult a licensed health practitioner before trying new things, our bodies are all different which is a beautiful thing!


Taking care of ourselves from the inside out is true beauty. Skin care, proper nutrition, makeup tips and bathing rituals, is all part of the fun. Of course there is nothing sexier than confidence. What is unique to you? Fall in love with every part of yourself and let that shine for the world to see.

Years ago I coined the term Beautystasis. It was then, and still to this day is the belief that when you achieve homeostasis (total body health), your true beauty shines. Sure a great bronzer or lip gloss might highlight your face’s bone structure, but what is going on from the inside out? Is your skin healthy because you’re feeding it amazing supplements and nutrition? Do you have strong hair and nails? Have you embraced your curves and have the confidence to show them off?

This goes along the ethos of health being an equilateral triangle. Physical beauty is nice but what’s going on in your heart? How strong is your mind? What are you showing up with that shows the whole beautiful package that is most uniquely you?

As a makeup artist, I love finding the most unique feature in a client’s face and showing that off. Filling in great brow shapes, dusting a translucent blush onto the apples of someone’s cheeks so their freckles can really show off. Using a bright matte hue for a lip stain can put a great smile front and center.

My beauty tips start from the inside, and work their way out, just as true beauty does. My years of experience, as well as travels from New York and Las Angeles to Paris and London to find the best beauty brands give me the authority to truly speak about what helps to make your Beautystasis shine bright.

Spiritual Development Tools

Spiritual care encompasses so much. This is everything from spiritual practices like cacao ceremonies to tools like crystals and energy clearing herbs. Bath rituals, full moon circles, tarot readings, and shadow work all fall into spiritual care.

So why is this so important when it comes to self care? To me, spiritual care is about putting my faith and energy into something beyond my physical self. Having tools to rely on that not only support my spiritual and mental health, but my physical health as well.

Clearing the energy of myself, home, and surroundings keeps my anxiety at bay and helps to guide myself into better, deeper sleep. Practicing mindfulness strengthens and maintains my relationships both personal and in business.

I like to think of my spiritual health as the support system to my mental and physical health. Having a deep arsenal of tools and practices that keep my spirit healthy, and my mind and body supported give me strength I need to get through the tough times, and also share my abundance of healthy energy to others who may need it. My spiritual self keeps my cup overflowing so I may fulfill my life purpose as a healer. Sharing these tools to others is part of that daily practice.


What is the main way to continue to expand Health, Beauty, and Spiritual devopement? To constantly learn and grow of course! I like to do this through exploration. To me, this means reading, traveling, events, and trying new things. If your mind is always open to new things, you will be in a constant state of exploration and education.
Exploring world of Ayurvedic practices, absorbing the energy in the vortexes of Sedona, expanding our understanding of shamanic practices through a monthly book club, and participating in various workshops I offer such as learning how to read your own Akashic Records are just the beginning. We have a lifetime of exploration and an entire world at our fingertips.

It is a known fact that learning new things, especially as we move through the years helps to keep our minds sharp. I believe that constantly exploring new ways of mind, body, and soul expansion maintains our health, keeps us active, and helps us to fulfull our dharmas as we move through lifetimes. The more we absorb for the next life, the better off we will be, don’t you agree?

No gatekeeping here!

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